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Selecting a Shower Set

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When it comes to selecting a Shower Set, the options are many and varied. There are two basic types of shower sets: rain shower sets and standard shower heads. They each have their own benefits, and the most basic types consist of a wall-mounted showerhead and a hand shower. While a rain shower set usually only has two or three handles, more elaborate versions may have jet sprays that target different pressure points on the body for a more therapeutic effect. LED lights are an additional feature that can be adjusted to set a mood and some even change color depending on the temperature of the water.

When it comes to selecting a shower faucet, you can find a set that includes the fixture, controls, and more. You may want to consider additional options, like body sprays and hand showers, which can create an experience similar to a spa. If you don't need a body spray or hand shower, a standard set will do just fine. But if you'd like a luxurious spa experience in your own home, a hand shower or a rainfall shower head may be the way to go.

Juno shower sets are designed with modern architecture in mind and offer numerous benefits. They're easy to install and pack in modern technology. They have digital LCD screens and interfaces, so you can adjust the temperature with ease. There are also thermostatic and diverter valve options available for you to choose from. No matter which type of Shower Set you choose, be sure to check the water pressure before making the purchase. The right amount of water pressure is essential for the efficiency of your shower.

Pressure balance shower sets are another option. These showers work by balancing hot and cold water flows. They're more expensive, but they offer more accurate temperature control. They also don't require you to reset the temperature every time you take a shower. Thermostatic shower sets also use a pressure balance valve, which balances the hot and cold water flows. While pressure balance showers may not have the accuracy of thermostatic showers, they're still effective.